Uite de aia Montblanc sunt considerate ca fiind produse de lux, si prezenta unuia in buzunarul sau in agenda cuiva trimite un mesaj anume. Parerea mea este ca pretul nu justifica cumpararea, decat daca doresti sa trimiti acel gen de mesaj. Sunt stilouri extraordinare, insa costul brandului este unul foarte mare. Bineinteles ca ma bucur sa il am in colectie, doar ca eu nu sunt vreun executive sau CEO de corporatie; mesajul pe care il da un Montblanc nu face parte din comunicarea mea zilnica la nivel social. Nu toti suntem Rares Bogdan, care invarte stilouri de brand in emisiuni. Bravo lui!

Postul de mai jos este in engleza, pentru ca a fost scris prin 2014 pentru un site din UK, site care e de fapt un forum pentru colectionari. Asa ca cititi in original, cum ar veni…:-)))

Practic, in articolul meu am incercat sa discut despre delicata masinarie si ingeniozitatea mecanica a ceea ce este stiloul Montblanc Boheme Marron, asemanat prin aceeasi ingeniozitate si principii de functionare a celebrelor camere foto Minox. Fiind user si colectionar de Minox (blogul meu aici: http://www.minoxit.com), m’a frapat asemanarea in inventie, pricepere mecanica si profesionalism vintage, daca pot spune asa. Ma rog, cititi si veti intelege :-))

Minox cameras are a wonder of mechanical precision and craftmanship; they go well beyond that even. This minute thing appears to be the embodiment of what one would expect from a Swiss watch-maker at his best.

As such, no wonder that we, users or collectors alike, are often in appreciation of everything of similarly crafted objects. No matter what is their destination, we like to hold, admire, own and use such mechanical wonders, be they cameras, watches, scaled-down models of whatever, and pens. Yes, those things we use to scribble down daily notes at work, at school or at home.

In my college years, I was given a Montblanc 145 as a birthday gift; man, how I loved that fountain pen. It was a wonder to write with, even if the rapid manner of class writing denied the point of using a fountain pen (ballpoint or rollerballs being the ultimate tool for this). But I love the thing, and I still have it, safely deposited for my descendants if they wish to use it later on in their life:-)).

Fast forward to 2014. For a special occasion in my life, wifey decided to splash on a Montblanc Boheme Marron fountain pen, and a very good nice gesture it was indeed. Thank you, dearest!

And thus, this gem made its appearance in a princely manner; from inside the box, a true mechanical Minox-like object shone. I kid you not, that was the first impression I had when I opened the case and looked at the pen for the first time. I had the same vibe and feeling when I opened the package for my first Minox back in the 90’s and held that Minox B in my hand. Cannot describe the moment warm enough, but I am certain some of you will understand what I mean.

Montblanc Boheme Marron is basically (although there is nothing basic about it) a cartridge fountain pen, with a retractable 14 K rose-gold nib with platinum inlay. Barrel and cap are made of black precious resin inlaid with Montblanc emblem, rose-gold-plated rings and clip set with a synthetic smoky brown gemstone. The pen is designed so you unscrew the cap off and screw it on the threads at the bottom of the pen. Then you turn the cap and by that the nib is coming out from the other end and at the end of the twist motion there is like a locking mechanism that prevents the nib from dropping back in the barrel under pressure.

To replace the cartridge you open the little bottom end. Its holding on hinges on one side and a little latch on the other so a little push is needed to open it. It isn’t hard to open it but not too easy either to prevent the bottom end to open by accident. Now you unscrew the nib a bit more inward and the cartridge will stick out. From here its pretty simple, simply pull the empty cartridge out and stick the new one in and you are good to go. Using a cartridge with this pen is not a big issue, anyways is not a pain, as I initially believed to be the case.

You can use it all day long without your hand getting tired because this pen is light weight and very nicely balanced. This pen really is designed to be used posted, I never post my pens but in the case of this pen its simply a natural thing to do, the pen is asking to be posted and that also feels like the most natural thing to do with this pen. It’s a very small pen and once you post it it becomes a normal size pen to be used.

The pen without the cap posted is 4 ¼” long and with the cap posted its almost 5 ½ you can see how logical it is to post it.

Regarding ink choices, it takes small international cartridges. The Pelikan small series are all right, but they need to pushed a little, when inserted. This I found it can damage in time the pen mechanism. Therefore I only use Montblanc carties; not expensive, I pay some 5 euros for a box of 8. My choices are Mystery Black, Irish Green and Burgundy Red. Ink flows naturally, and it doesn’t clog the innards of this marvel.

To sum up, I believe this pen to be the Minox of the pen world. I am certain there are other makes and models probably par with this one, and I have seen people swearing by this and that brand and model. But for me, as a Minox user, this is what it is: the writing tool that compliments a Minox day.